by Jeniqua

(recording artist, songwriter, vocal coach & model)

Welcome to VoxConnect, I'm Jeniqua, Vocal Coach from Sydney. 

I've extensive experience in the Music Industry as a performer, songwriter, recording artist, co-producer, session singer, vocal director and vocal coach for over 25 years and currently, here in Australia and Internationally.


Bringing not only natural ability and experience...

also knowledge and expertise picked up along this musical journey. 

I offer a variety of PRIVATE and GROUP SINGING LESSON options and services to best suit your singing needs and development, as well as services catered to songwriters, artists, models and their DEVELOPMENT and those who would like to pursue that path.


Correct vocal technique, understanding the voice, singing in mix and the application of this into songs, where performance is natural, flows with ease, has great connection (in the vocal mechanism & in the performance itself) and great quality throughout the entire range, are some of the areas I have had breakthrough in, with students over the years. I am also an accredited Vocal Teacher of IVTOM (International Teachers of MIX), helping any singer develop their talent in a healthy and effective manner.

I had known from a very young age, that this gift within me was special and brought me so much fulfilment and joy.

It was, is and will always be something I treasure.... To make use of it in a positive and EMPOWERING way, whether through my own music or in helping other singers NURTURE their gifts, whether beginners or professionals... 

is so wonderful.

To INSPIRE others from my EXPERIENCE and to witness their BREAKTHROUGHS

and ACHIEVEMENTS, in their own lives, is invaluable.

I'm PASSIONATE about bringing out THE BEST in all my students and their style and to GUIDE and ENCOURAGE them in all areas of their singing development, UNIQUENESS and journey to GREATNESS.

I also impart a sense of fun and encouragement to every lesson and session I teach. My desire is to see you win!

So come as you are, ready to invest into such a wonderful gift that creativity really does release.

With my guidance you will conquer vocal challenges and get straight to exploring your unique voice and all the possibilities that lie before you.

There is a FREEDOM that comes with singing in balance, an ease in ALLOWING this to happen no matter the note and where it sits in your range and ultimately , FULFILLMENT in giving yourself to the song and being the storyteller each song requires.  This is available to you all, right here at VOXConnect. 

I look forward to helping you achieve this.



Jeniqua x

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